Optical Illusion: Your IQ is Above Average If You Can Find the 4 Hidden Women in This Image.

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This visual puzzle involves spotting the four hidden women within the image. It's a brilliantly engaging that puts your observation skills to the test. If you manage to find them, it's a testament to having above-average intelligence. We encourage everyone to dive into this fascinating and discover the hidden women. The is absorbing, and the sense of accomplishment from succeeding is unmatched. So, embrace this intellectually stimulating challenge today!

Optical Illusion: Spot the Four Hidden Women in the Picture

Visual tests do more than just provide amusement—they also allow for an assessment of our concentration levels and help enhance our visual abilities. One particular optical illusion, currently enjoying popularity online, challenges participants to spot four hidden women within the image.

This intriguing image is the creation of Oleg Shupliak, a Ukrainian artist specialising in optical illusions, including ingenious portrait heads called Hidden Images. The objective of this optical illusion is to locate the four hidden women within the image. Supposedly, those who successfully solve the illusion possess an above-average IQ.

Like other optical illusions, this tests our and cognitive skills. It's your turn now to take on this challenge!

Have You Identified All Four?

If you've managed to detect all four hidden women within the optical illusion, congratulations! You're among the select few identified as having an above-average IQ. If you've struggled, don't fret – we're here to provide some clues.

Remember, this special piece was created by Shupliak in 2013. It is titled Four Women. Initially, when you look at the image, you'll notice a woman who appears to be on a call. However, upon closer inspection, you'll see there's another woman on the palm of her hand, near her cheek.

The third woman isn't as easy to spot. By observing the arm of the woman, you'll identify the form of a nose, eyes, and a pair of lips—the third woman.

The fourth one is much easier to find. Look at the woman's stomach, and you'll spot another pair of lips and realize that the entire image itself forms a woman. Here are the four women you needed to spot within this optical illusion.

While it wasn't easy, you can train and improve for next time by practicing with other images. Happy hunting!

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