Dragon Ball Quiz: Unleash your inner Super Saiyan and prove you’re a true expert on the almighty God of Destruction!

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Welcome to the Quiz! Test your knowledge about the epic universe of Dragon Ball, focusing on the powerful God of Destruction. Are you ready to prove your understanding of this divine entity's role in shaping the Dragon Ball universe? Let's see if you're a true fan or just a novice!

Who is the God of Destruction in Universe 7?
What is the name of Beerus's martial arts teacher?
King Kai
What is Beerus's favorite food?
Who awakened Beerus from his long slumber?
What is Beerus's signature attack?
Galick Gun
Death Beam
Who is Beerus's twin brother?

God of Destruction in the Dragon Ball Universe

The Dragon Ball universe, created by , is filled with a myriad of fascinating characters and deities. Among the most powerful beings in this universe is the God of Destruction. But how well do you know this intriguing character? Let's dive deeper into who they are and their significant role in the Dragon Ball series.

The Role of the God of Destruction

Each universe in the Dragon Ball multiverse is assigned a God of Destruction whose primary role is to maintain the balance of life and death. They achieve this by destroying planets, civilizations, or external threats that may disrupt the balance in their respective universes.

  • Beerus, the God of Destruction for Universe 7, is the most well-known, thanks to his frequent interactions with Goku and the other Z-Fighters.
  • The Gods of Destruction are immensely powerful, often considered unbeatable by mortals and other deities.

Key Traits of the God of Destruction

All Gods of Destruction share certain traits and powers, despite having distinct personalities and appearances. For instance, they can all use a power known as Hakai, a technique that disintegrates anything it touches.

  • They are trained by the Angels, like Whis, who also serve as their attendants.
  • Despite their destructive role, they don't act on personal desires, but in the interest of their universe.

Interesting Facts About the God of Destruction

There are many fascinating facts about the Gods of Destruction. For example, they are depicted as lazy and indifferent to the affairs of their universe unless their duties are involved. They are also known to hibernate for decades.

  • The Gods of Destruction have a complex relationship with the Supreme Kais. If a Supreme Kai dies, so does their respective God of Destruction, symbolizing the deep bond between creation and destruction.
  • Beerus' design was inspired by Akira Toriyama's Cornish Rex cat.
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