Disney Quiz: You won’t believe how much you know about “Trolls of Troy”!

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Welcome to the exciting world of ! In this Disney Quiz, you'll put your knowledge of this beloved comic series to the test. Can you recall all the adventures and exploits of the tricky, hairy trolls? It's time to find out how much of a fan you really are!


Who is the main female protagonist in Trolls of Troy?
Which character is a real troll in Trolls of Troy?
What is the name of Waha's adoptive father in Trolls of Troy?
Where do the characters of Trolls of Troy live?
In the village of Phalompe
In the city of Eysine
In the forest of Kouloumbia
In the mountain of Trollenberg
Who is a shaman in the Trolls of Troy?
What type of creature is Waha in Trolls of Troy?
A troll
A human
A fairy

A Deep Dive Into the Trolls of Troy

Trolls of Troy is a popular French comic series that has captured the imagination of audiences around the world. The series, which has been translated into several languages, is set in the magical world of Troy and features a cast of characters that include both humans and trolls.

Key Characters

  • Teträm : The main character, Teträm, is a brave and resourceful troll who is often at the center of the plot.
  • Waha : Waha is a human child who was raised by trolls, Waha often serves as a bridge between the human and troll worlds.
  • Pröfy : Pröfy, father of Teträm, is the typical troll, big, strong and not very bright, but with a heart of gold.

While the series is filled with humor and light-hearted fun, it also tackles deeper themes, such as the clash between different cultures and the importance of understanding and tolerance.

Unique Troll Culture

  • Humor : Trolls have a very unique sense of humor that often involves pranks and practical jokes.
  • Diet : Trolls are known for their unusual diet which primarily consists of human beings.
  • Resilience : Trolls are incredibly resilient and can survive under extreme conditions.

The world of Trolls of Troy is a fantastical one, filled with magic, adventure, and a good dose of humor. Whether you're new to the series or a long-time fan, there's always something new to discover about this captivating world.

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