Disney Quiz: Can You Master Every Detail of “101 Dalmatians 2”? Get Ready to Be Amazed!

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Welcome to our Disney Quiz! Do you remember the intricate details of 101 Dalmatians 2? This quiz will challenge your memory and love for this enchanting sequel. Whether you're a casual viewer or a Disney aficionado, this fun-filled quiz is a great way to test your knowledge. Are you ready to embark on this Disney adventure?

Who is the main antagonist in 101 Dalmatians 2?
Cruella De Vil
Horace and Jasper
What is the name of the dog that Patch idolizes in the film?
Where does the film take place?
New York
Los Angeles
Who helps Patch to save his siblings from Cruella De Vil?
Cruella De Vil
What is the name of Thunderbolt's sidekick?
Lil' Lightning
Sell them
Use them for a fur coat
Adopt them
Train them

Introduction to 101 Dalmatians 2

101 Dalmatians 2, also known as 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, is a direct-to-video sequel to the 1961 Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. This charming story revolves around the adventure of Patch, one of Pongo and Perdita's dalmatian puppies.

Main Characters

  • Patch: The main protagonist who sets out on an adventure to become a One-of-a-kind Wonderdog.
  • Thunderbolt: An Old English Sheepdog and a television wonder dog who becomes Patch's idol.
  • Cruella De Vil: The primary antagonist from the original movie, who is still obsessed with dalmatian fur.
  • Lars: An eccentric and passionate artist Cruella hires to create a masterpiece from dalmatian fur.

Plot Overview

The movie begins with the Dalmatian family moving to a new home. Patch, lost in a sea of spots, feels unnoticed and yearns to be unique like his television hero, Thunderbolt. When he gets left behind during the move, Patch seizes the opportunity to meet his hero, and together they set off on a thrilling journey.

Critical Reception

  • Despite being a direct-to-video release, the film received generally positive reviews.
  • Critics praised the animation quality, story, and character development, noting it as a worthy sequel.
  • The film was also applauded for its nostalgic appeal, successfully capturing the essence of the original film.

Iconic Moments

Among the most memorable moments from the movie include Patch's first encounter with Thunderbolt, Cruella's dramatic change in aesthetic taste which leads to her obsession with the Dalmatian puppies once again, and the climactic chase scene in the finale of the story.

Did You Know?

  • The animation style of 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure aimed to emulate the original film's unique artistry.
  • The film was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2003 .
  • The voicing cast of the film includes many well-known actors, such as , , and .
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