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CFPB: Fair Credit Reporting Disclosures

CFPB Summary of Rights Under FCRA

What is a Credit Reporting Company?

What is a Credit Report?

Bulletin re: furnisher Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) obligation to have reasonable written policies and procedures

Bulletin re: the FCRA’s requirement to investigate disputes and review “all relevant” information

FTC Guidance: Consumer Reports: What Information Furnishers Need to Know

FCRA Regulations (Regulation V)

Background screening reports and the FCRA: Just saying you’re not a consumer reporting agency isn’t enough

Disputing Errors on Credit Reports

Appendix C to Part 698—Model Forms for Affiliate Marketing Opt-Out Notices

Appendix D to Part 698—Standardized form for requesting annual file disclosures.

Appendix E to Part 698—Summary of Consumer Identity Theft Rights

Appendix F to Part 698—General Summary of Consumer Rights

Appendix G to Part 698—Notice of Furnisher Responsibilities