A Note from the Czar (of TCPAland) to Mark the Illustrious Occasion of the FCRAland.com Launch

Well this is going to be fun.

Not so long ago I converted a simple WordPress blog into a living breathing community of TCPA nerds and telecom wonks–forging a platform for true TCPA thought leadership and education in the process. A place that made it easy for subscribers to really understand the TCPA, and provided content that explored the statute’s various and nuanced quirks on a daily basis. I speak of course of TCPAland.com

I am so very pleased and humbled that Womble Bond Dickinson (my law firm) believes deeply enough in that model–immersive, immediate, entertaining and subject-matter specific educational content– that it has invested in a second similar platform–FCRAland.com.

Yes, the site is just launching today and there’s still some kinks to work out, but this place will soon be a palace as grand or grander than TCPAland.com. It will deliver more FCRA-related legal content than any other website and break FCRA-related legal news as it happens. And–just like with TCPAland–you’ll always get the benefit of insights and analysis of lawyers deeply experienced in the unique contours of FCRA. No amateurs or hack articles here folks. Just deeply-relevant content you can trust and actionable information about the legal developments that matter most to you.

While we make it look easy, you all know this is tough stuff. It takes dedication, hard work, and an earnest belief that empowering our clients and the legal community with insights and analysis drives better litigation results and, ultimately, help to effect real change and a more compliant and understanding society. That’s why we do it, and with that ambition firmly in mind, I humbly invite you to join us today at FCRAland.com.

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